A Prayer for Raquel

By Abigail Truesdell Lord, I sit next to this ocean small, thinking of another battered lighter beneath her last clean teaspoon. Her two girls playing house, another place that isn’t…..


Active Shooter

By Tara Stanzione I have already killed myself a thousand times – Julianna Baggott I sit next to my lover watching a movie in class I try to drape his…..


Greta Garbo Repents

By Deb Herz “To return to the living, you have to walk backward.” James Kimbrell Loyal to a fault, Saint Theodore’s well-appointed orange ears follow me round the room like…..



By Caroline Kelley Summer 2010. I’d dreaded the journey here with hours of static-y radio and thoughts of conversations I didn’t want to have. Nerves knotted my stomach as I…..


With or Without Him

By Mattia Lombard “Hello?” The room is cast in shadows, and I rub my bleary eyes. “Hey Stinks, I need you to come get me.” I can immediately tell that…..


Almost Famous

By Deb Herz   Before the ten-car pile-up of our lives, a Sly Stallone lookalike is driving an 18-wheeler down the Kancamagus with his pinky finger,   not minding in…..


Hook, Line, and Sinker

By Maddie Key I once caught my grandfather while fishing.  I should’ve reeled him in when I had him; none of us ever really got close enough to hooking him…..