Image produced by Amy Lavine for Sketch Hudson

By Tara Stanzione

I have already killed myself a thousand times – Julianna Baggott

I sit next to my lover watching a movie in class
I try to drape his arm around my shoulder

He pats my back in discontent, pulls away
And I instantly become colder

Our professor is aching for the night to be over
She sits at her desk and continues to calculate our scores

Campus Alert:
If You Are In A Classroom Stay There, Secure The Doors

But it is already too late
My golden necklace hovering above my stomach in knots

And I hope he thinks about the lilies in my hair
As we hear the deafening shots

Panic surrounds us
Everyone startled, filled with fright

While I’m thinking, wow, what a wicked way to be found:
In a sweater dress in love with someone who doesn’t treat her right

The gunman is here,
He pulls me to his chest

If you remember me
Then I don’t care if everyone else forgets