photo credit: april-mo via photopin cc

By Julia DiVincenzo


A glint of emerald green

and wild golden hair

dances in the corner.


Whatever you do,

don’t tell the Shadows,

they’ll devour her.


Suffering watches from a distance,

wondering what it’s like to feel

the same sorrow he inflicts.


A strange urge, a rage, pulls

at his body. He thinks,

the Shadows cannot have her.

Fragile emerald girl,

I’m sorry it must end this way.


Suffering is now gliding, riding

towards the golden-haired girl,

and the emerald dress.


It takes only a clasp of her neck

and a gasp from her chest for her to

see all that Suffering has to give.


He poisons her with visions,

enveloped in a haze

of gray and blue light – her lover, dead.


Her heart is cracking,

body numb with each loss of breath.

Suffering feeds off the tears

one by one, before they can soil

the emerald green dress.


He feels air leave

his lungs, deflated by

the internal ache of sorrow.


His insides push at his flesh,

scratching their way out.

Such pain, such pain!


This is his undoing,

he feels he deserves,

dealt by his own hand.



An odor fills the air.

The Shadows, they are here,

they have come to take him away.


It is Suffering himself,

who is the last

to suffer.